We offer a variety of massage therapies to soothe, stimulate and relax your body. Release all your tension and indulge on these great therapies.

Head, back & shoulders

Swedish massage concentrated in the areas associated with tension and stress. (30 minutes)

Relaxing Massage

Medium to light pressure to stimulate blood flow which improves cellular oxygenation. This massage relaxes tired muscles, stimulates healthy muscular tone and eliminates tension and fatigue. (30 or 55 minutes)


Massage to calm your body and stimulate your senses. Our variety of therapies include roses, chocolate, honey, almond, papaya, coconut, vanilla, orange, eucalyptus, peppermint and others. (30 or 55 minutes)


Stimulates your lymphatic system for natural cleansing and detoxifying therapy. (30 minutes)


Concentrated in areas affected by cellulite. Stimulate blood circulation and helps eliminate toxins. (30 minutes)

Sports Massage

Convenient before and after sports activity. It prepares the body for peak efficiency and helps to recover after a strenuous workout. (55 minutes)

New Mother

A special, gentle massage for the mom-to-be. It helps the expectant mother to relax and hydrate the skin. It’s a total new experience for her changing body and the baby. (30 or 55 minutes)

***Recommended after 12 weeks of gestation.

Hot Stone Therapy

Experience a luxurious massage using deep heat therapy. Heated smooth and polished lava stones are incorporated in the massage to loosen and calm the body, energize the muscles, ease tension, and reach a relaxation level that defies explanation. (30 or 55 minutes)

Deep Tissue

This deep tissue massage is done with medium to high pressure to release deeply rooted tension. (30 or 55 minutes)


Ancient Chinese technique using pressure point massage on the feet and hands to restore the energy flow throughout the entire body. (30 minutes)

Bamboo Therapy Massage

Add this exclusive bamboo therapy to any massage for a deeper relaxation. Bamboo is used to manipulate muscles for a tension relieving therapy.


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