Hydrotherapy (San Juan Only)

Invigorating relaxation bath in specialized jetted massage tub that stimulates, revitalize and rebalances your whole body. Designed to elevate your moods, ease specific conditions and induce a sense of psychological and physical well-being. It can be received in combination to most therapies and treatments. Take advantage of the many health benefits of the water and this fabulous tub to hydrate skin, improve circulation, calm your body, and eliminate impurities. You can choose from our exquisite variety of aromatherapies:

  • Marine Algae Bath
  • Almond & Honey
  • Roses
  • Tropical Coconut
  • Mud Therapy
  • And others…

Body Scrub

Deep Exfoliating Therapy for your whole body. Get rid of dead skin cells and impurities and renew a more oxygenated and toxin-free skin.

We offer a variety of Full Body Exfoliations which include:

  • Almond & Honey
  • Chocolate
  • Lavender
  • Coconut
  • Grapefruit
  • And other…

Air Brush

This tanning solution gives you an instant tan. Get a beautiful golden skin that looks as natural as if it came directly from your last beach trip, but without the harmful effects.

Body Wrap

Personalized body wrap therapies to help you achieve the perfect balance between beauty and wellness. Re-hydrate and renew your skin with one of this body wrap therapies:

You can choose between:

  • Wine
  • Algae
  • Chocolate
  • Asian Rice
  • Mud therapy

GeoMud: Drains; activates the peripheral micro circulation and favors the elimination of liquids and toxins infiltrated in the tissues.

White Mud: Created to exfoliate, give light and vitality to the skin. Hydrates detoxifies, rejuvenates and gives firmness to the skin.

Thalasso Therapy

One of the many benefits from the Sea.

Thalasso therapy is a specialized marine treatment exclusive at Nouvelle D’ Spa. Choose your therapy:

Remineralize: A wave of energy to skin tissues for extremely vital and radiant skin.

Reduce: Attenuates localized fatty deposits.

Oxygenate: The skin is more oxygenated, brightens and recovers a healthy, fresh and vibrant appearance.

Drain: You will end with a “leaner” and nimbler figure, smother and more ven skin.

Detoxify: The tissues are freed of toxins, purifying themselves. The skin is more vital, glowing and soft.

Elasticize: The skin is clearly suppler, smother, and more elastic.

Exfoliate: The skin is immediately more radiant, smother and clearer.

Hydrate – The results will amaze you; a quenched, more turgid, very smooth and perfume skin.


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